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1th Goods, along with the 1th Collective, 1th Media, 1th University and all other 1th-related subsidiaries herein were founded by blogger and resident schemer, Adrian Orozco AKA Adrian 1th, AKA A.D., AKA ADD, AKA Hogarth "Plottin' and Schemin' Hughes, who has always loved to share his passions, peeves, and points of view with others around him – whether they asked for it or not.


The 1th Collective

is a a group of illustrators, taggers, photographers, designers, writers, videographers, musicians, podcasters and all around hustlers, collectively creating either solo work or in collaboration with one another. 1th has added immense value to A.D.'s life and those of the artists involved. This is their outlet. Their chance to share passions and wonderings with loyal readers and anyone interested or just lurking around.

 Explore, enjoy and keep on Plottin & Schemin'